Competitive intelligence and studies

  • Market: market studies, intelligence on sugar markets, evaluation and analysis of domestic, regional and international supply/demand.
  • Audit: benchmarking, analysis of the strengths and the weaknesses of the sugar industries, and of cost competitiveness.
  • Projects: reconnaissance visits, fact finding missions, due diligence on cost competitiveness, technical and economic feasibility.
  • Countries: review of sugar policies around the world, regulatory framework, assessment of sugar industry’s competitiveness, comprehensive action plan in the face of structural and political reform, benchmark and performance improvement.
  • Competitive Intelligence: industry, agriculture, policy, fundamentals of the world sugar market and other issues regarding sweeteners, energy production (biomass, ethanol, …), investments, …


  • Sugar expertise takes jobs on all aspects of sugar production, agricultural, industrial, financial and regulatory.
  • Agronomy: crop cycles, selection of varieties, water requirements, fertilization, mechanization.
  • Process: maximizing returns and developing individual uses for by-products, eliminating bottleneck in the process, reducing costs of production.
  • Policy and regulatory: implementation or reform of sugar regimes, prices regulations, grower-processor relations.

Technical assistance

  • Technical assistance and operational management
  • Client’s representative.
  • Development and implementation.